Hi, my name is Jake Nielson. I'm an experienced business development and product marketing professional as well as a husband and father. I've spent countless hours learning and applying innovative business tools that helped me achieve real results. This is where I and other like-minded individuals such as you can share insights, tips and best practices for innovation success.

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This site will equip you with the tools and trade secrets the great innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders have used throughout history to change the world. Join our community and put your dent in the universe.

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Blue Ocean

A comprehensive excel template for creating your own Blue Ocean Strategy

Strategic Planner

Complete Excel-based strategic planning template based on Lean principles

Perceptual Maps

Quick and easy to use template for mapping your products market position

Demand Curves

Optimize pricing and demand analysis for your new innovation

Infographics: learning just-in-time.

Concentrated business tools for sharing and ease of use
Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation

A summary of Clayton Christensen's Seminal Theory
Four Types of Innovation

Four Types of Innovation

Jake Nielson's Four Types of Innovation
Cost vs Benefit Strategy

Cost vs Benefit Strategy

An overview of the two fundamental business strategies
The Innovators Manifesto

The Innovators Manifesto

Why we do what we do as innovators
Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

An overview of the Blue Ocean Strategy concept
Jobs to Be Done

Jobs to Be Done

Overview of how to understand your customers needs