Jake Nielson Public Speaking

I’m Jake. I’ve always loved learning new things – especially new technologies and business ideas. I don’t have an engineering degree (far from it actually, I graduated with a degree in PR) but I’ve always been an effective handyman who could fix anything from cars to computers. And I grew up with a Dad who taught me how to make things to solve problems (our farm had no shortage of problems) through welding, woodworking and tinkering. I think that’s where I get my love for innovation.

My Story

In 2010 I started a masters in business program at Purdue University. After a year, I was offered an internship at a large company where they asked me to devote the entire time to studying innovation and help to implement the best practices available at the time into the company. I literally went to work every day and searched, read, distilled into PowerPoint and presented innovation methods. The experience was an eye opener for me. After three months of doing that, I knew I had become a much more open-minded and creative person. I loved it. It didn’t feel like work at all and I knew I wanted to be involved with innovation for the rest of my life.

After the internship the company invited me to take a full-time job as a product manager to implement the methods I had learned as an intern. It was a perfect fit. Ever since then, I felt compelled by the idea of starting a blog and sharing some of the things I’d learned with others who are passionate about innovation, business and creativity. That’s how the idea of TheInnovativeManager.com was born.

So What (or Who?) Is The Innovative Manager?

I want to first point out that the title of The Innovative Manager is not with reference to me, but is with reference to you, the innovator or aspiring innovator. You are the innovative manager that I hope this site provides value for. Whether you are a scientist, researcher, engineer, marketer, strategist, CEO, entrepreneur or wantrepreneur, I hope for this site to become a central place where you can find, learn, contribute and critique the best ideas regarding innovation and management out there today.

My sincere desire for this site is that it becomes a resource for you. Something you can refer back to occasionally to help you come up with a new idea, learn about a particular business concept and share and connect with like-minded individuals. I know I don’t have all the answers but I hope you join our community so you can contribute your unique insights as well.

To clarify the purpose of this site, below is TheInnovativeManager.com Purpose Statement:

TheInnovativeManager.com exists to equip you with the tools and trade secrets the great innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders have used throughout history to change the world. We invite you to join our community and become a part of and learn from a group of unique individuals who spark new ideas, grow their businesses and, in the words of Steve Jobs, put a dent in the universe.

If you like (or dislike) the site, let me know! I’d love to get your feedback and additional insights. At the end of the day, I view this site as yours – something for you to use as a central resource to help you in your efforts to become more innovative. If you want something added or covered, feel free to let me know!

I really appreciate you stopping by the site today and I hope that you get the value out of it that you came for. Given that innovation is my passion, this is a labor of love for me and I only hope it can be helpful to you as well.

Take care,

Jake Nielson